Anhui Hongshi Optoelectronic High-Tech Co., Ltd.


It is the enterprise which is Setup by the investment of Hongshi group with Hongshi own brand.


The leading photoelectric detection and classification equipment supplier in China.National high and new technology enterprises.National farm machinery subsidy products production enterprises


We supply optic detection and classification equipment as rice color sorting machine , grain color sorting machine , tea color sorting machine, belt color sorting machine ect, And also offer the effective fast solution for relative industry


Tel:+86.551.63755858 Fax:+86.551.63368968 Sales service:+86.551.63755855

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Our Company

ANHUI HONGSHI OPTOELECTRONIC HIGH-TECH Co., Ltd., which belongs to Anhui Hongshi Group, is a multi-industry and integrated enterprise related to optical and electronic products development, machinery processing, auto sales, spare parts sales, decoration project and cultural media.

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    Add: No 2, Yan'an Road, Baohe Industrial Area, Hefei, Anhui Province, China Tel:+86.551.63755858 Fax:+86.551.63368968 Sales service:+86.551.63755855
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    Add: No 2, Yan'an Road, Baohe Industrial Area, Hefei, Anhui Province, China



    Sales service:+86.551.63755855